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Here you can read some testimonials and opinions about Dr. Serdev and his Serdev Sutures® Lifting methods, from both patients and colleagues.


Testimonials from Patients

  • Jessica C.

    "I am a past patient of yours, having undergone breast augmentation surgery in 2012. I must say, the procedure itself was fantastic, and I have not had any trouble since." [e-mail from October 2018]

  • Nikolay N.

    "I saw myself just now [after temporal SMAS lift] and there is a significant difference. Really, this doctor [Dr. Nikolay Serdev] is a magician. He performed very interesting magic on me. I feel completely changed. [....] I imagined that, even under local anesthesia, it will be something more painful or with dull pain... but there was absolutely nothing. It was actually so pleasant, that I fell asleep in one moment."

  • D.A. - UK

    "Very happy.. I think in a selfie picture too, it doesn’t look as good as it does in real life. I still can’t believe how you’ve done it [secondary rhinoplasty]. Thank you."

  • Nina Y.

    "I gave my trust to Dr. Serdev and it was not betrayed! Thank you for the great result [after rhinoplasty], the exceptional professionalism and correctness! All the best!" - testimonial from April 2017.

  • Anelia R.

    "Happy New Year to all of you! Special THANK YOU, Dr. Serdev! The job you did is an art! Sooo PERFECT! Recovering nicely. Dr. Serdev, you are not only a great plastic surgeon , you are a warm , generous and good person." - [e-mail from January 2020]

  • A.P.

    "Good morning Dr. Serdev, I hope everything is going well. All went smoothly for me [after lower face and cheekbone lifts] - no one noticed or questioned me :D. I see some improvement and I like it. Could we do more sometime next year?" - testimonial from December 2018.

  • Petya A.

    "After the operation [brow lift] I feel really comfortable. I can't believe it!" Video

  • Patient

    "I am coming out of surgery just now. For me, the anxiety before the operation [rhinoplasty] was very big, I had fear. But it actually it was not an intervention, according to me - as if I was going to the dentist. There was no pain, it was very quick. The difference before and after is so huge... exactly what I wanted! Most importantly, I am not dizzy, there is no pain,  I feel very good. Such a painless surgery, after all others that I've had... [3 days after surgery] I don't have any problems. In short, I can say that the feeling cannot be better. As if there hasn't been a surgical intervention."

  • Tanya B.

    "[The day after buttock lift] With bigger self esteem, I am trying to recuperate faster. I have little pain, but hope it will go away very soon. I did not take painkillers, the pain is much less than I expected and is tolerable. Today I managed to see myself from the back and side for the first time, using a mirror, and to me the effect is breathtaking. By butt is lifted and has entered my jeans' back pockets."

Opinions of Colleagues

  • Dr. Michele Zocci, M.D. , Italy

    "Dear Nikolay Serdev, I want to express my congratulation for your technique and your results. I am really eager to incorporate it to my daily practice. This is an ideal complement to the very extensive cases of Condensed fat reshaping that I do. Especially if combined with the new pneumocarbodissection technique of Guillermo Blugerman."

  • Dr. Mohamed Ghoz, MD, Egypt

    "Thank you for teaching us your methods in cosmetic surgery. Your techniques have gained a lot of success in the Arab world and many patients have gained benefit."

  • Prof. Dr. Pier Antonio Bacci, MD, Italy

    "You can use only 3 skin punctures to achieve good results, without scars. I sincerely thank my friend Prof. Dr. Nikolay Serdev for this genious idea. Serdev Suture methodology is my methodology to obtain Italian beauty."

  • Dr. George Sas, MD, Hungary

    "I think your method is a revolution in the cosmetic surgery. So I give you a forwardly Medical Nobel Prize."

  • Dr. Dwight Reynolds, MD, USA

    "I consider Dr. Serdev to be one of the world's authority. He is a pioneer. It is hard to tell to someone "you are beautiful" when they are left with a lot of scars. For me it is very rewarding to know that we are making no incisions, just puncture wounds, and making ladies look very good."

  • Dr. Pierre Fournier, MD, France

    "Dr. Serdev is a top-cosmetic surgeon and he is well known all-over the world. He made many contributions, especially his work with the slings to rejuvenate the face, the breast, the buttock, even the inner thigh. It is a big advance, because we avoid scarring and you can have ambulatory operations. Dr. Serdev's surgery is up to date and he has "golden hands"."

  • Dr. Corazon Silverio, MD, Philippines

    "Prof. Dr. Serdev, You are a genius. Thank you for sharing your non-invasive suture technique in all your surgical procedures, with amazing, fantastic results! Congratulations."

  • Dr. Bernard Slater, MD, RSA

    "I think the Serdev Suture Lifting technique is very good - you can have good results quickly, with very little post-op discomfort."

  • Dr. Eduardo Krulig, MD, Venezuela

    "Dr. Serdev is a genius, because of his sutures for a face rejuvenation, for gluteal rejuvenation, and these have become ones of the most important techniques all over the world. I am using Dr. Serdev's techniques very frequently and have very good results, with great satisfaction from my patients. I consider these techniques a very important step forward for cosmetic surgery. I may say that at this moment cosmetic surgeons all over the world are using Dr. Serdev's techniques."

  • Dr. Maria Marta Rubatti, MD , Dubai

    "I want to say that it has been an honor for me to participate in your training and to see the incredible results of your technique. I am happy to learn. You [Dr. Nikolay Serdev] are really a brilliant mind with the humility of the great."

  • Dr. Ahmed Noreldin, MD, Egypt

    "Innovative thinking. Smart ideas. Clever teaching. Warm hospitality. Nice team."

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