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Poland Syndrome. Unilateral Underdevelopment or Absence of Breast Tissue.

Poland Syndrome. Unilateral Breast Lifting and Augmentation of The Other Breast.

Poland syndrome (also Poland’s syndrome, Poland’s syndactyly, Poland sequence, and Poland’s anomaly) is a rare birth defect. It is characterised by absence of breast tissue in one breast, absence or underdevelopment of the chest muscle (pectoralis). Sometimes, but not always, webbing of the fingers (cutaneous syndactyly) of the hand on the same side can be present. The syndrome is mostly common on the right side of body and found more in males than females. It is usually considered a unilateral condition.

The adjustment in cases of Poland Syndrome is difficult, but the suture lifts created by Dr. Nikolay Serdev allow us to perform it without incisions and without scars. We lift the ptotic breast to the level of pectoral muscle and place an appropriate implant under the muscle of the underdeveloped breast. Thus we balance the volume and level of both breasts, as well as the level of both areolas.

The lifting of the developed breast is a mini-invasive and atraumatic procedure, done under local anaesthesia. Postoperative recovery is fast. The few skin punctures on the breast heal within 1-3 days. When the developed breast is large, we may remove skin and tissue from it.


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