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Chemical and Laser Peels

What Are Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel is a procedure in which a controlled chemical burn is applied, using a chemical solution, in order to remove the outer layers of the skin. It can eliminate delicate wrinkles, pigmentation marks and other skin defects. Peeling also has some medical advantages, such as removal of pre-cancerous conditions and acne scars.

Types Of Peels

Depending on the substances used, chemical peels are devided in three groups - delicate, intermediate and deep peels.

Delicate Peels

Delicate peels give smooth and shiny skin, and it also treats delicate wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation. They only remove the outer layer of dead cells and refresh the skin, but do not have a tightening effect. Several treatments are usually required on a weekly basis. The solution can also be incorporated into creams or facial wash, and can be used on a daily basis.

Intermediate Peels

Intermediate peels remove wrinkles, superficial skin defects, and pigmentation, and can be used in all body parts. Usually more than one treatment is required and it they have a longer healing time than delicate peels. They have a temporary rejuvenaiton and refreshment effect, because they are not as deep. 

We recommend the "universal peel" - the skin is treated for three days in a row and it peels off on the forth. Patients like it, because there is no pain during application and there is no redness after the skin peels off.

Deep Peels

Deep peels remove deep wrinkles, pre-malignant conditions, and skin defects caused by sun exposure. They are phenol-based and reach the deepest layer of the skin. The healing process leads to significant skin tightening and brighter skin color.  Deep chemical peeling can be used only in the face area, because facial skin has different structure, it is more stable and can sustain such treatment. 

Exoderm Peel

We highly recommend the deep chemical peel "Exoderm lifting". It gives excellent results, which in many cases surpass our expectations. This peel was created by Dr. Yoram Fintzi of Israel. The recovery period is 8 days, after wich the skin will be pinkish for 2-3 months. The peel is used for treating wrinkles, flaps and skin drooping without surgery. The skin tightens, but the effect should not be mistaken with lifting - liftings are used to fix tissues to a higher level, while chemical peels only have skin tightening effect. 

Laser Peel

Our clinic also has the most modern "cold" laser in its possession, which clearly refreshes the skin and has a tightening effect on it and the tissues below it. It creates a lifting effect without burning the skin. You can see how it works here.

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