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How It Works

Most commonly used to treat the face and neck, microdermabrasion can successfully reduce the appearance of superficial wrinkles and scars, large pores, acne, and age spots, restoring a smoother, more youthful appearance. 

During the procedure the physitian uses a handpiece through which fine microcrystals are emitted. These microcrystals peel off the uppormost or superficial layer of the epidermis (known as stratum corneum) and are then sucked back into the device, along with the exfoliated skin particles, via vacuum. 

As microdermabrasion only causes superficial injury to the skin, the risk of scarring and pigmentation anomalies following microdermabrasion is extremely low, when compared with other resurfacing techniques. Therefore, microdermabrasion can be safely and effectively used on individuals of all skin types. 


Microdermabration has a rejuvenation effect - the damaged skin layers are removed and new skin cells are revealed in the treated area, with improved texture and overall appearance. This is the reason why this method is successfully used for stretch mark treatment, scar removal, etc.

Any secretion in the glands of the skin, caused by infection or otherwise, is sucked in by the vacuum and thus prevents the creation of conglomerate cavities in the skin. As a result, microdermabrasion is the best and most effective method for acne treatment.

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