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Photoepilation using Spa-Touch


There are two new methods for hair removal - laser and photoepilation.

In laser epilation destroying the hair bulbs is achieved with single laser beams.The method has a couple of drawbacks - it can be successfully applied only on patients with dark hairs - white and blonde hairs are hardly affected by the treatment; patients with dark skin or with sun tan, diabetics, pregnant women etc. are not suitable for the treatment; there is redness and possible swelling after the procedure; there is a risk of depigmentation and direct sunlight should be avoided for about a month.

Photoepilation is the latest development of the idea of photo (light) hair removal - the pigment cells are influenced through intense pulse light that destroys the hair bulbs. The spectrum is wider and harmless. It is an inexpensive procedure. 

Photoepilation has a unique advantage - it is applicable to any type and color of hair and to all skin types. The energy and duration of the pulse are chosen according to individual characteristics of patient's skin and hair. The procedure is painless and does not cause complications. There is no redness, no cooling gels are applied. Photoepilation achieves the effect of thinning and reducing the number of hairs, as well as extending the period of hair growth, so that the interval  between sessions increases from 2-3 months to up to one year. 


We work with the best quality machine on the market - SpaTouch. The impulse of device is 11 square cm (5/2.2 cm). In comparison, an IPL impulse is 3 square centimeters.


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