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Cosmetic Surgery Education Center


Back in 2001, the organizing commitee of Federation of Restorative and Cosmetic Surgery chose Serdev Clinic: Medical Center "Aesthetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine" to be the Base for the International College of Cosmetic Surgery (ICCS) in Bulgaria or, in other words, the Bulgaria Chapter of ICCS . Thus, the clinic became a cosmetic surgery education center for surgery professionals in this field.

Less than two years later Dr. Nikolay Serdev was certified with an academic degree of International Professor for Fellowship Assesment in Cosmetic Surgery of the International College of Cosmetic Surgery - Worldwide, allowing him to teach and assess surgeons all around the globe.

Courses in Serdev Suture® Lifts

In its function as education center in cosmetic surgery, the clinic hosts a number of intensive one-day courses in Serdev Suture® Lifts each year. These events are attended by surgeons from all the corners of the world and provide valuable knowledge in anatomy, "danger zones" and scarless, a-traumatic beautifocation and/or rejuvenataion, via theory lectures and live surgery demonstrations.

Detailed information about the courses can be found here. For questions, please send an e-mail to courses@serdevsuture.com

Watch the Travel TV Documentary about Serdev Suture® lifts below:

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