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facelift surgery without scars

Beautification and rejuvenation of are achieved by restoring correct proportions, volumes and angles. In our clinic, we perform facelift surgery without scars. We use Serdev Suture® Lifts - the most modern, mini-invasive and atraumatic methods, which in the same time give great results and very high patient satisfaction. The procedures are carried out through skin puncture points, which heal in 1-3 days. There is no skin excision and subsequently no scars. Also, due to minimized trauma, patients can quickly resume their social life.

The Serdev Suture® methods for facelifting surgery without scars are:

In Rhinoplsty:

With the exception of humpectomy, the listed procedures are Dr. Serdev's author methods in rhinoplasty, leaving no trauma and bruisingNo intranasal packings or casts are required even in humpectomy, only skin-colored tape is places to suck out any swelling.

 Other face procedures:

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