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Nasal Hump Removal

Removing the hump of the nose (nose straightening or humpectomy) requires cutting the convexity of the back (roof) of the nasal bones. Nasal hump removal aims to create a straight line on the back of the nose. However, removing the hump creates an opening, i.e. the two nasal bones remain separated and must be brought together to form a narrow back of the nose.


No Trauma, No Intranasal Packing, No Casts

We practice closed rhinoplasty to perform the necessary correction of the nose. This approach prevents the traumatic “opening” of the nose. Instead, we make the manipulation and sutures inside the nose.

Due to the minimal trauma in our operations, a minimal stripe bruise can appear under the eyes in only about 30% of cases of hump removal but it only runs for about 5 days. After the operation and only after humpectomy, the patient wears skin-color tape for three days. Intranasal packing is not necessary and is even traumatic. This is because it is placed in the inner nose, while cosmetic corrections deal with the external nose. Full return to social life is possible from the first to the 5th postoperative day, depending on the presence or absence of minor bruises.

The nasal hump removal can be done as a standalone procedure orin combination with other Serdev techniques for atraumatic nose correction or with complete rhinoplasty. For the purpose of beautification and thanks to the atraumatic nature of the methodology, rhinoplasty can also (if necessary) be combined with different liftings using scarless Serdev Sutures methods  or VASER ultrasonic liposculpture on face and body.


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