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Scarless Buttock Lift via Serdev Suture

Scarless Buttock Lift via Serdev Suture

Scarless Butt Lift

Thanks to the scientific development made by Prof. Dr. Nikolay Serdev, we can now do a scarless butt lift. The procedure involves no implants. Instead, patient's own tissues are encircled and projected.

It is a highly specialized cosmetic surgery procedure, which assures a higher fixation of the gluteal fibrosis layers of the lower part of the buttock to the Serdev sacro-cutaneous fascia (discovered by Dr. Serdev, and therefore bearing his name) near the sacrococcygeal area.

In other words, the tissues are gathered, lifted and fixed to a stable higher position.

The operation is done under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. Flattened and loose form will be lifted up, "into the pockets of the jeans", as patiens evaluate the procedure, and even - over the pockets. 

The buttock lift changes the body proportions - legs look longer and the proportions between the lower and upper body are adjusted.

The procedure takes 10-15 minutes per side and is performed through skin punctures. This means there is no cutting of skin, and subsequently - no scars. The fixation of the suture to the stable inelastic Serdev fascia maximally guaranties the longevity of the aesthetic effect. No hospitalization or nursing care are needed. The result is achieved immediately, with short post-operative recovery and short downtime. Patients are even able to drive thier cars the day after the operation, despite some pain.


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