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Cheekbone Lift and Volume Creation via Serdev Suture®

Cheekbone Lift and Volume Creation

By using Serdev Suture Lifing method, we can effectively achieve a cheekbone lift and in the same time create the necessary volume, without the use of implants.

Wrongly, many physicians try to fill the nasolabial folds in order to create volume. Thus, they create a total projection of the lower part of the face (the so called “primate face”). However, the correct approach is to lift the soft tissue back to the zygomatic bone, restore cheekbone fullness, create the necessary volume – medially or laterally – and elevate the cheekbone. We thus eliminate the tear through fold and improve the facial expression. Additionally, we achieve a youthful elongation of the so called “beauty triangle”, which is responsible for the beauty of the lower face.

We perform the procedure through skin punctures only, which disappear within 2-3 days. Therefore, there is no cutting of skin and most importantly – no scars! TV stars use such rejuvenation to appear on screen next day.


Cheekbones and the “Beauty Triangle”

Cheekbones are relevant to nearly all aesthetic norms. Unfortunately, pronounced, high, and youthful cheekbones are rare.

The chin and cheekbones create the so called “beauty triangle”. Asian cheekbones are pronounced lateraly but flat in front. Vice versa – in Caucasians cheekbones are often more pronounced at the front, but quickly drop. They are almost absent in elderly.

The Bichat’s fat pad (Corpus adiposum buccae) is of great significance in facial contouring. After our 30s, the fat pads loose connection to the zygomatic bone and droop in, the skin forming deep nasolabial folds. The Serdev Suture cheekbone lift without scars and without implants can easily restore the “Beauty Triangle”.


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