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Chin Lift Without Implants. Enhancement and Form Correction via Serdev Suture®.

Chin Lift Without Implant

Chin lift is one of the most popular and preferred suture lifting methods, created by Prof. DR. Nikolay Serdev, MD, PhD.

The aim of Serdev Suture® chin lift is to position the chin in the central axis and establish correct proportions, without the use of implants. We perform the procedure in cases of ageing or sagging chin (the so called “witch chin”), small chin (micro- and retrogenia), and other deformities.

For this ambulatory procedure, Dr. Serdev uses only two skin punctures in order to insert the needle and thread. Then, he collects the whole available chin soft tissue and moves it to the correct position.

The entire procedure takes a few minutes. We do not use dermal closure or bandages. Patients should perform facial washing on the following day. The skin puncture in the supra-mental fold may be visible for 2-3 days and patients can use make up to cover it. The early post-op period swelling is almost invisible. Patients can return to their social life as soon as they wish.


Chin Enhancement and Position Correction

We use this method not only to lift the sagging chin, but also for chin enhancement and position correction. We can move the chin to the side, as well as up or down. Thus, we achieve correct volumes, angles and proportions.

A dimple can also be created along with the chin lift.

The results are durable and patients prefer it to the alternative method of using foreign bodies (implants), which requires incisions, wearing bandages and involves swellings.


Disharmony and Proportions

Profile deficiencies are due to congenital, traumatic and ageing factors, with different degree of deformity. Loss of volume or a genetically small mandible affect the aesthetics and expression of the mouth, chin, and neck. Disharmony between the skeletal support and the soft tissue envelope is a common cause of aesthetic concerns.

The chin is an important feature of the face. It plays an important role for defining facial aesthetic proportions. It is part of the noble profile (which is a straight line), as well as the “beauty triangle” – expressed chin and cheekbones. When we smile, the triangle is more visible and the face looks more beautiful. The lower part of the face should be divided into 3 parts – one part for the upper lip and two parts for the lower lip and chin (1:2 proportion).

With the help of the suture technique, the chin can be positioned on the line of the profile, up or down, left or right, face deformities can be corrected and chin dimple can be created.


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