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Lateral Canthus Lifting via Serdev Suture

Lateral Canthus Lifting via Serdev Suture

This technique for lateral canthus lifting is useful in cases of low lateral position of the eye or large round eyes, "scleral show" in thyrotoxicosis, as well as after blepharoplasty. These problems could be congenital, acquired with age, or due to operations such as blepharoplasty, incorrect facelift or after removal of tumors.

In the case of the first picture, the lateral canthus is lifted to normal position. A new eye bulb can be placed after equalizing both eyes.

The suture method of Prof. Dr. Serdev for stable fixation of tissues, using special needle instruments allows for attachment of the lateral canthus of the eye to the orbit periosteum, without cutting and separating skin. The angle is planned together with the patient. 

It is an outpatient procedure, under local anesthesia. The result is durable. Patients can resume their social life on the day after surgery.

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