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Permanent Blocking of Glabella Corrugation via Serdev Suture®

Why Serdev Suture® instead of Botox?

Serdev Suture® for Permanent Blocking of Glabella Corrugation

This is transcutaneous, atraumatic, scarless method for permanent blocking the muscles of the forehead between the eyebrows (glabella) only through skin punctures, in order to ligate the muscles (leading to muscle necrosis). Thus, they are no longer able to contract.

The procedure leaves no scars and no hospitalization or nursing is needed. The postoperative recovery is short, patients can return to their social life on the day after surgery.


Over the years Botulinum toxin (in the form of Botox, Dysport or others) has proven its effectiveness and is the preferred non-surgical method for dealing with wrinkling in the glabellar area. This method avoids traumatic surgery of the face and its disadvantage is its temprorary effect.


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