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Temporal SMAS Lift Without Scars

What is Temporal Lift / Upper Face Lift?

With age, the cranium shrinks and facial fat volume changes (in most cases increases). Ptosis occurs (including the SMAS), along with skin laxity and non-elasticity. These factors change the facial expression into a sad and tired looking face. Fortunately, we can reposition the soft tissue facial structures, which are fixed to the SMAS, by lifting the latter and attaching it at a higher position. We achieve this with a temporal lift without scars (also called upper face lift).

Aesthetically incorrect face angles make young people look sad. Therefore, the objective of the temporal SMAS lift in this young population is simply beautification, based on facial aesthetics. Our goal is the restoration of correct proportions and angles of the eyes, eyebrows and lips.

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What is SMAS and why do we use it?

Back in 1972, surgeons demonstrated that after classic face lifting the skin is not stable and elongates in minutes. Since then, lifting of the Superficial Muscle-Aponeurotic System of the face (SMAS, described by Mitz and Peyronie in 1976) became the obligatory method for surgical face lift (including mid-face lift), in order to maintain a long lasting result.

The skin and soft tissue are strongly fixed to the SMAS in the temporal area. Therefore, if we separate them from the SMAS, the skin will elongate, because it has lost its stable support. As a result, in a subsequent temporal SMAS lifting, we will not be able to lift the skin. The consequences of separating the skin from the SMAS are a mask-like stretched appearance, changed hairline position behind the ears, etc. Naturally, we strongly oppose this approach.


Procedure and Results

In our clinic, we use the Serdev Sutures” lifting method for temporal SMAS lift without scars. It is a less traumatic experience for the patient, and is carried out under local anaesthetic, without incisions or excisions of skin. We perform the upper face lift only through skin puncture points, which are not visible and disappear within 1-3 days.

Pain is subjective and of variable intensity, depending on the person concerned. Surface pain can be present, for which we  prescribe analgesics as necessary. Recovery is rapid. There is less swelling than associated with other methods and the patient can quickly resume normal activities.

The results are immediate, but covered by mostly invisible swelling. The main outcomes of the temporal SMAS lift are: total face lift, change of angles of the eyes and lips, fresh look, younger and more beautiful appearance, cheekbone recovering, as well as skin texture improvement.

After surgery, the patients must take medications exactly as prescribed and must not expose their face to direct sunlight. They can go to the beach, as long as they cover the face with sun block with total screening.


Supra-Temporal SMAS Lift

After a temporal SMAS lifting, there is a further opportunity of lifting the SMAS in the supratemporal area. We recommend the scarless Serdev Sutures Lifting method.


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