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VASER Lipo – General Information

Liposuction is a method for removing the accumulated fat depots in various face and body areas. To conduct this procedure without trauma, we use the so called ultrasound assisted liposculpture (UAL) using VASER. This is the best liposuction and body contouring method available today. There is almost no blood loss and recovery is fast. Patients can immediately resume their regular activities. Additional benefits are the skin tightening and weight loss. This is why we don not recommend losing weight with skin sagging prior to the procedure.


Application of VASER Ultrasound Liposculpturing

In the past, traditional tumescent liposuction has been effective in young patients with tight skin and mild to moderate amounts of fat. Post-op recovery with this method is slow, because of the trauma, irregularities and loss of blood.

Ultrasound assisted liposculpture however has expanded the scope of patients suitable for face and body sculpting. We can now include patients with larger amounts of fat and less elastic skin tone. We are also able to treat areas, which were not easily or effectively treated earlier with classic methods. These include fibrous areas such as the back, male breast and upper abdomen, as well as the buttock.

Ultrasonic liposculpture is a more advanced form of both regular lipoplasty and tumescent liposuction, and is used to get precise body contouring resultsVASER lipo has the effect of skin tightening and slimming in the first six months after the operation. Therefore, if you consider liposculpturing via VASER technique, you do not need to try dieting with skin flaccidity as a result.

Like every other intervention in cosmetic surgery, ultrasound liposculpture also carries certain risks. In most cases, in the first few days we have to prevent the possibility of seroma retention in the treated areas. For this reason we conduct patient follow up in the first 5-7 days, when complications are most likely to appear. In this way we can be sure that patients from abroad can travel safely back home and have no complications after that.

Please refer to the table below for comparison between VASER lipo and other liposuction methods.

Due to the lack of trauma, liposuction in our clinic can be combined with liftings of the face and body (buttock lift, inner thigh lift, etc.) using Serdev Sutures Lifting technique, rhinoplasty or other beautification procedures.


UAL Procedures

We perform ultrasound liposculpture in one or more face and body areas. Due to the lack of bloodloss, they can be done as standalone procedures or in multiple combinations, depending on the case. The procedures are:

VASER Lipo - How does it work?

In our clinic we use VASER lipo - the best UAL technology on the market.

Selected lenghts of ultrasonic waves, delivered through a cannula, emulsify or liquefy the fat. In contrast, traditional liposuction requires manual effort to cut and aspirate fat tissue, producing tunnels in the fat depots.

In fact, ultrasonic waves specifically target only the unstable giant fat cells, causing them to “implode” and liquefy for suction removal under low pressure. These are the cells which deposit and store calories as fat. Because the waves only target fat cells without impacting other tissues and vessels, blood and tissue loss is minimal. Fat is emulsified with no damage to adjacent tissue. The stable microscopic cells of the superficial subdermal layer of fat tissue (which makes the skin smooth) do not react to these waves. Therefore, there are no surface irregularities after the procudure.

In comparison, traditional liposuction causes much more tissue trauma, blood loss and bruising than ultrasonic techniques. This is due to the tissue destruction necessary to manually break up the fat. Ultrasound emulsifies fat. 

Comparison Table - VASER vs Other Liposuction Methods

VASER Ultrasonic Assisted Liposculpturing

It only targets fat cells without trauma to adjacent tissues.

Reduces blood loss and post-operative pain. Has a skin tightening effect.

Male breast, upper abdomen, back and buttock areas are treated more easily.

It minimizes the "wavy areas" side effect and makes contouring more precise.

Traditional (Suction Assisted) Liposuction

Most common form of liposuction because it does not require expensive apparatus.

Performed by manually breaking up the fat (pushing and pulling a probe blindly through the fat area, using negative vacuum pressure). Causes greater blood loss, trauma and bruising, and has the longest recovery period.

Fibrous areas, such as the male breast, upper abdomen, backa nd buttocks are hard to treat.

Higher chance of irregularities as a side effect of the so called "surperficial liposuction".

Laser-Assisted Liposuction/Laser Lipolysis

Uses the thermal energy of the thin laser beam to destroy fat cells and seal off surrounding vessels.

It can cause thermal damage to important tissues if not carefully applied.

The extracted fat cannot be used for lipo transfer.

Usually can treat only small fat deposits as the laser beam makes random tiny "tunnels" in the fat tissue, similarly to traditional liposuction.

Power-Assisted Liposuction

Surgeon's arm movement is used in combination with a vibrating cannula.

Similar to traditional liposuction, with added vibration aiming to help break up the fat tissue.

Surgeons can have difficulties controlling the device.

Can result in contour irregularities.

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