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Buttock Lift By Ultrasonic Liposculpture

Buttock Lift By Ultrasonic Liposculpture

Lifting via Buttock Liposuction (UAL)

Fat deposits are often formed below the gluteus muscles and around the thighs and hips. Buttock liposuction can achieve a visual lifting effect by using fat sculpting and reduction of the fat deposits by ultrasonic assisted liposculpture.

As a result of the buttock liposuction procedure, the fat deposits in the above mentioned areas are removed. Fat cannot reappear in the same places again, because the fat cells have been destroyed. There is a visible leg elongation effect and change of proportions. The Serdev technique of buttock lift by ultrasonic liposculpture also has an immediately visible effect of lifting the infra-gluteal fold.

About Ultrasonic Liposculpture

Ultrasonic liposculpture (UAL) is used to get precise body contouring results. It is a form of liposuction where excess fat is liquefied, using sound waves, in order to help make its removal easier and smoother. In case you are a healthy individual with fat deposits that are not going away even after continued exercise and dieting, then you can consider ultrasonic liposculpture. 

Detailed information about UAL, as well as comparison with traditional liposuction can be found here.

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