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Ultrasonic Liposculpture of Belly, Love Handles, Breasts, and Back In Obesity and Cellulite

Body contouring using VASER ultrasonic liposculpture: belly, love handles, breasts, and back in obesity and cellulite

In cases of obesity, fat deposits are located in the areas of the belly, love handles, breasts, and back. One of the typical male problems is the emergence of the so-called “beer belly“. The accumulation of fat in the abdomen and lumbar region due to poor diet and stagnant way of life is also determined hormonally.

Once gained, these accumulations can not be eliminated through diet, because fibrous-degenerative processes arise. Traditional liposuction also cannot deal with these problems, due to the lack of precision and the trauma it can cause to neighbouring tissues. This is why in our clinic we use Ultrasonic Assisted Liposculpture (we also use Vaser liposelection). With this method, we destroy giant fat cells by the action of ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 20 – 40 kHz. This allows the selective targeting of the giant fat cells and releases their liquid ingredient. There is no harm to neighbouring structures (such as blood and lymph vessels, nerve branches) which do not react to this wave frequency. This is due to the fact that they have higher density than fat cells.

Additionally, ultrasonic liposculpture also achieves a “lifting effect”. It has a toning effect on the skin, which becomes smoother, with preserved elasticity.

The result is durable. Weight loss to normal is visible in the first 6 months. From this point onward, patients should maintain their weight.

In male patients, we can shape breast fat deposits (gynecomastia) to outline the chest muscles.

Narrow waist, flat belly and six packs make any silhouette attractive.


After the Liposculpturing Procedure

After the procedure, we prescribe antibiotics for 5-7 days and painkillers for the first night (and after, if necessary). We do daily follow-up sessions for 5 to 7 days. These sessions include taking a shower, disinfection, bandages and change of elastic bandages.

During the days in the early post-op period, most important is the follow up for fluid retention or collection, so as to prevent formation of painful seroma and infection at a later stage. Patients wear elastic garments 24/7 for a month, preferably a month and a half. Of course, during this time, they are free to follow their daily social life, contacts and work.

The immediate result shows much better form of the body and extremities, even when swelling is present. Swelling will be minimized in the next 3 months. The final result becomes better and better during the course of the first year.

Massages on the treated areas are forbidden! This is because skin movement can break the newly formed capillaries, which leads to growing of edema and loosens skin fixation.


About VASER Ultrasonic Liposculpture

We use VASER Ultrasonic liposculpture (UAL) to get precise body contouring results. It is a form of liposuction where we liquefy excess fat using sound waves. We thus make its removal easier, smoother and bloodless.

You can read the detailed description of VASER lipo, as well as comparison with other liposuction methods here.

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