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Ultrasonic Liposculpture of Breeches, Inner Thighs and Knees, Calves, Ankles

Ultrasonic Liposculpture of Breeches, Inner Thighs and Knees, Calves, Ankles

Fat Deposits

Every woman dreams to have straight and elongated legs, slim hips, and no "breeches". In most cases, however, nice legs are the result of aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery. There is no woman without fat deposits, which are the common cause for irregular shape of the legs. Fat deposits are not an age mark. Even young girls and models can rarely boast of perfect forms. Weight loss, unfortunately, leads to skin laxity instead of removal of fat accumulations. If fat deposits could be removed by starving, slim girls should have no breeches. In order to remove these fat deposits, we perform breeches, knees, calves, ankles and inner thigh liposuction.

Knees are the most common cause for irregular shape of women's legs. This is true even in young, skinny girls and selected fashion models. Even small fat depots on the inside of the knee curves visually shorten the legs and distort them to X-shape. 

Our work is to sculpture, to model the convexity (projection) of the inner knee. The calf is shaped in the form of a bottle (equal form both sides). The inner knee fat is moved higher. This elongates the calf and the leg.

From behind, we can judge the “unhappy” buttocks. Therefore, men always look women from behind. From such point of view, ladies' legs look considerably shorter. The buttocks are what determines the length of the legs when viewed from the rear and sides. Even in skinny girls, the seat is not always highly positioned and hang, thus shortening the legs. Removing the fat depots under the gluteus muscles in this area optically elongates the legs. The buttocks come to place - "in the pockets of the jeans" and can furthermore be reduced in volume.

What can be done to make legs visibly longer and slender, with higher positioned buttocks?

The best method for treating the areas with fat deposits has proven to be ultrasonic liposculpture. The depots which mostly deform the legs and hips are those around the thighs, knees, hips, and the lower half of the seat. Deposits in calves and ankles are rare. 

The greatest advantage of ultrasound liposculpture is that this method naturally leads to weight loss rate and skin tightening. Bloodloss is minimal in comparisson to liposuction. Fat depots are removed completely and at once. Moreover, there are several additional positive effects - the skin tightens (ultrasound lifting effect), there is a natural activation of enzyme systems with consequent loss of appetite and weight loss to normal. The intervention is limited to outpatient treatment. 

Another method, which the Medical Center applies, is lifting of the gluteus muscle with "Cellulise". High frequency of oscillation, engaging directly the muscle causes a visible effect of muscle tonus that can not be achieved whith other techniques. Procedures are daily, 6 to 8 procedures are usually sufficient. The device can also be applied to other muscle groups. 

We prefer UAL, because the ultrasonic wave is selective only for unstable giant fat cells in the fat depots. It is not traumatic to any other tissue. Even normal fat cells in the subcutaneous fat do not react, so irregularities are prevented. 

About Ultrasonic Liposculpture

Ultrasonic liposculpture (UAL) is used to get precise body contouring results. It is a form of liposuction where excess fat is liquefied, using sound waves. As a result, fat removal becomes easier and smoother. In case you are a healthy individual with fat deposits that are not going away even after continued exercise and dieting, then you can consider ultrasonic liposculpture. 

Detailed information about UAL, as well as comparison with traditional liposuction can be found here.

Inner Thigh Lift via Serdev Sutures® Lifts

This method is especially important for young women, due to the lack of scars. The skin of the inner thigh is lifted securely via skin punctures only, without any incisions or excision of skin, therefore leaving no scars.

It gives a great result not only in the first and second youth, but also in the third age in women who are not obese. When fatty deposits are present, inner thigh liposuction is performed prior to the Serdev Suture® Lift, using the UAL method.

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