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VASER Ultrasonic Liposculpture of The Face: Double Chin, Cheeks

Sculpting the face: Double Chin and Cheeks

Excess of fat, formed in the areas of the chin and cheeks, give the face a “square” appearance. In such cases, we can perform a face lipo procedure.

The best method for reshaping and beautifying the face by removing the excess fat is VASER ultrasonic liposculptuing. It helps us eliminate the double chin and create a nice angle between the chin and neck. Additionally, the jaw line tightens as in young people.

The result of the procedure is an oval face with “hungry cheeks” effect, opposed to round or square face and sagging cheeks. The skin tightens and the effect is durable – fat cannot reappear in these places, because we have destroyed the fat cells.



Face lipo is carried out through skin punctures only. It is an outpatient operation under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. It is not traumatic, causes no blood loss and no irregularities. Therefore, there are no bruises and no scars.

Swelling-reducing tapes are used only overnight. Patients can promptly return to work and social life.

Due to its atraumatic nature, the face lipo procedure can be combined with fat removal from other areas, depending on patient characteristics, as well as lifting procedures via Serdev Suture methods.


After the Face Lipo Procedure

After the procedure, we prescribe antibiotics for 5-7 days and painkillers for the first night (and after, if necessary). We do daily follow-up sessions for 2-3 days. These sessions include taking a shower, disinfection, bandages and change of elastic bandages.

During the days in the early post-op period, most important is the follow up for fluid retention or collection, so as to prevent formation of painful seroma and infection at a later stage.

When we do cheek liposculpture, a skin-color tape remains only for the first night to reduce the swelling. The result becomes best apparent a few months after the procedure.

After double chin lipo, patients must wear a protective elastic bandage and closely follow the surgeon’s instructions. Thus we will achieve durability of the result. Of course, during this time, patients are free to follow their daily social life, contacts and work.

Massages on the treated areas are forbidden! This is because skin movement can break the newly formed capillaries, which leads to growing of edema and loosens skin fixation.


About VASER Ultrasonic Liposculpture

We use VASER Ultrasonic liposculpture (UAL) to get precise body contouring results. It is a form of liposuction where we liquefy excess fat using sound waves. We thus make its removal easier, smoother and bloodless.

You can read the detailed description of VASER lipo, as well as comparison with other liposuction methods here.


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