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What are Serdev Suture® Lifts?

What are Serdev Suture® Lifts?

serdev suture lifts


Simply put - Serdev Suture Lifts are methods for scarless lifting and/or volumizing of different face and body areas by lifting the mobile (hanging) tissues and attaching them in a stable and durable way to immobile structures, thus achieving beautification/rejuvenation. 

For example - in mid-face lifting, this scarless suture method lifts and sutures the loose zygomatic SMAS extension to the firm temporoparietal tendon insertion (and underlying temporal periosteum), which results in middle and lower face SMAS lifting, cheekbone lifting to a higher position, resolving tear trough, nasolabial and marionette folds. 



Procedures done only through skin punctures, with the help of specially designed instruments, so that there are no incisions and excisions of skin. We this achieve the desired effect and longevity of the aesthetic result. There are no scars! The marks from the needle punctures disappear and are no longer visible after a few days.


Atraumatic. No downtime.

Serdev Suture Lifts are mini-invasive and do not cause trauma. There is no bruising and no bloodloss. Swelling is minimal to non-existant. Patients can resume their social and working activities on the day after surgery.

Serdev Suture Lifts vs Thread Lifts

The word "suture" in Serdev Suture® Lifts comes from the Latin Sutura and means "to bring tissues together". Our lifting techniqhes are often mistaken to be "Thread lifts", due to the use of threads. However, the two methods have distinctive differences in their concepts and the used materials.

Threads in Thread lifts are non-absorbable. They are inserted in the subdermal fat, where they hang freely, without stable fixation. This is why they rely on "barbs" or "hooks" to keep them in place. The lack of stable fixation leads to short-lasting effects.

In contrast, Serdev Suture Lifts use semi-elastic surgical threads and specially designed curved, semi-elastic needles, in order to lift the mobile tissues (such as SMAS) and stably fix them (by sutuing) to non-mobile structures (such as periosteum). This fixation guarantees the longevity of the aesthetic result. The threads are absorbed in the human body within 2 years (after the final fibrosis formation). Their limited elasticity is cruicial, because it permits the sutured tissues to move, without cutting them (rigid threads perform like scalpels).

"Liftings of The Third Millennium"

There are more than 20 different Serdev Suture techniques in face area: lifting of eyebrows; corners of eyes; cheeks; upper, middle and lower part of the face; neck; narrowing of the tip of the nose or the nostrils; and more. During the International cosmetic surgery congress in Spain 2001, these lifting methods were called "Liftings of The Third Millennium". The combination of these cosmetic procedures ensure a beautiful and harmonious face, proper volumes, angles, and proportions. 

Honorary Professor of the New Bulgarian University, Dr. Nikolay Serdev, MD, PhD is a recognized master of face beautification not only in Caucasians, but also in Asians, African Americans, etc. He is frequently invited to lecture and demonstrate the beautification of the face on the base of the aesthetics philosophy in almost all continents and countries. Мost interesting are the changes using his methods without scarring, with immediate result, extremely short postoperative period, without "operated on" appearence.

Many TV programs have taken advantage of the opportunity to display the live demonstrations and immediate results. 

Watch the Travel TV Documentary about Serdev Suture® lifts below:

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