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Abdominal Flaccidity Tightening via Serdev Suture

Flaccidity of the abdominal skin may occur as a consequence of weight-loss, as well as after pregnancy. Cases of mild flaccidity can be treated using Serdev Sutures lifting method.


Abdominal Flaccidity Tightening

Thanks to Dr. Serdev’s method, we can correct mild flaccidity of the abdomen and around the navel. There are no incisions or excisions of skin and therefore – no scars! In contrast to classic abdominoplasty, we only need a few skin puncture points to carry out the procedure.

The technique is mini-invasive, with minimal trauma, done under local anaesthesia. The postoperative recovery is short and patients can perform their daily duties without interruption.

Abdominal wall tissue lifting leads to aesthetic changes and results. This means that we turn the “sad navel” into a normal looking, “happy navel”. With a few manipulations, wrinkled and loose skin can become so acceptable that patients can wear their belly open over the summer. Thinner women, with less subdermal tissue, are more suitable for this method. The presence of larger amount of subdermal tissue with bigger flaccidity, including sagging in the lower part of the abdomen, requires surgical abdominoplasty.

In case that fatty deposits are present in the area and weigh in the skin, ultrasonic liposculpture of the belly is performed first. This gives an additional skin tightening effect.

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