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What are Serdev Suture® Lifts?

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serdev suture lifts

Serdev Suture Lifts - Concept

When speaking of cosmetic surgery, patients have mostly heard of read about open surgery liftings. In 1993 Dr. Nikolay Serdev introduced his method of transcutaneously sewing (suturing) SMAS to periosteum. Simply put - Serdev Sutures Lifts are methods for lifting and/or volumizing of different face and body areas, without scars. We achieve beautification / rejuvenation and longevity of the aesthetic result by lifting the mobile (hanging) tissues and stably attaching them to immobile structures. This is done through skin punctures only, without cutting and detachment of the skin from its support - the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS).



Dr. Nikolay Serdev performs the procedures only through skin punctures, with the help of specially designed instruments. There are no incisions and excisions of skin. Therefore, there are no scars! The marks from the needle punctures disappear and are no longer visible after a few days.


Atraumatic. No downtime.

Serdev Sutures Lifts are mini-invasive and do not cause trauma, bruising or bloodloss. Subsequently, swelling is minimal to non-existant. Patients can resume their social and working activities on the day after surgery.


Fio Bùlgaro. Fio Elastico...

Serdev Sutures Lifts have gained huge popularity, epecially in Latin America. During courses and congresses, Dr. Serdev introduced his methods and trained cosmetic surgeons in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and especially in Brazil. There, Serdev Sutures have become known as Fio Bulgaro or Fio Elastico Bulgaro. One of the many TV episoses with Dr. Serdev on the topic of beautification and rejuvenation with his mentods can be seen here - Brazilian TV about Fio Bulgaro.



Dr. Serdev has developed over 20 techniques and their variations for the face and body.

For example, Serdev Suture techniques in the face include: lifting of eyebrows and corners of eyes, cheekbone lift, upper, mid-face, lower face and neck lift, chin enhancement, narrowing of the tip of the nose or the nostrils, and more.

Without a doubt, the most popular lifting is the scarless buttock lift, widely used accross the world, especially in the Americas. Other Serdev Suture body lifts are breast lift, inner thigh lift, abdominal flaccidity tightening.

Combining these cosmetic procedures ensures a beautiful and harmonious face, aesthetic volumes, angles, and proportions. Most importantly, surgeons can achieve these immediate results without scarring, with extremely short postoperative period and no "operated on" appearance.

Serdev Suture Lifts vs Thread Lifts

The word "suture" in Serdev Suture Lifts comes from the Latin Sutura and means "to bring tissues together". Surgeons and patients sometimes confuse our techniques to be "Thread lifts", due to the use of threads. However, the two methods have distinctive differences in their concepts and the used materials.

Threads in Thread lifts are mostly non-absorbable. They are inserted in the subdermal fat, where they hang freely, without stable fixation. Therefore, they rely on "barbs" or "hooks" to keep them in place. The lack of stable fixation leads to short-lasting effects.

In contrast, Serdev Suture Lifts use semi-elastic surgical threads and specially designed instruments. They aim to capture and lift the mobile tissues, then stably fix them (by suturing) to non-mobile structures. This fixation guarantees a durable aesthetic result. The human body absorbs the threads within 2 years, after the final fibrosis formation. Their limited elasticity is cruicial, because it permits the sutured tissues to move naturally, without cutting them (rigid threads act like scalpels).

"Liftings of The Third Millennium"

Prof. Dr. Nikolay Serdev, MD, PhD is a recognized master of face beautification not only in Caucasians, but also in Asians, African Americans, etc. Hence, he is frequently invited to lecture and demonstrate the beautification of the face on the base of the aesthetics philosophy in almost all continents and countries. Notably, during the International cosmetic surgery congress in Spain 2001, these lifting methods were called "Liftings of The Third Millennium". 

Watch the Travel TV Documentary about Serdev Suture Lifts below:

Overall Face Beautification Without Scars

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Many of us dream of changing something in our face – some do not like their nose or lips, others want  to completely transform the way they look. There is nothing wrong with striving for beauty and perfection, if a change would make us happier and complete, and would raise our confidence. We can achieve an overall face beautification without scars, in accordance with patients’ needs.

Sometimes, however, patients have requests which are unnecessary and/or will not help in getting the required result. We always conduct a discussion and realistic assessment, regarding what is needed for beautification and rejuvenation in the specific case. Patients must have proper motivation and be certain in their wish to undergo these changes.


What defines the beauty of the face?

We achieve beautification of the face by arranging facial details in accordance with aesthetic proportions, angles, and volumes while in the same time maintaining individuality. Imagine your room tidy and then imagine it disorderly. It is surely more beautiful when it has structure and an individual character.

The complex face is properly divided into three equal parts: forehead, nose, and lower part (where the upper lip forms a ratio 1:2 to the lower lip and chin). The noble profile forms a straight line. The size and shape of the nose are also very important – it must be straight, with an angle of 90 degrees at the tip and 110 degrees to the upper lip.

The volume of the lips must conform to the volume of the eyes and eyebrows. Both eyes and eyebrows must have a higher angle laterally. Eyebrow’s tail should be 1-1.5cm above the upper orbital rim and usually end a bit to the side from the lateral canthus of the eye. Beautiful cheekbones are slightly higher than the mid-face line and form hollow, “hungry cheeks“. The cheeks and chin shape an expressed “triangle of beauty“. We emphasize it when we smile for a photograph.

Ears are properly situated with an angle of 30 degrees or less to the face oval.

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Serdev Suture Lifts for Face Beautification

The Scarless Serdev Suture Lifts help us in the overall face beautification, by restoring perfect proportions, volumes and angles. These methods are particularly important in young people, because of their atraumatic nature, lack of scars and durability of the aesthetic result. This makes them superior to other methods. Patients return to social life within 1-2 days. The suture methods of Dr. Nikolay Serdev can lift tissues, as well as create volume in places where it lacks. Furthermore, we can use them to correct the tissues position in cases of deformities.

The results are stable because we stably fixate (suture) mobile tissues to immobile periosteum or fascia. Of course, the ageing process cannot be stopped. However, after surgery it will continue from the new, rejuvenated and beautified position.


Vaser Lipo

VASER ultrasonic liposculpturing of double chin and cheeks is also is also in our arsenal for beautifying the face and can be added at different stages.


Patient Testimonial - Total SMAS Lift via Serdev Sutures Method

Scarless Buttock Lift via Serdev Suture

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What is the so called Serdev Suture buttock lift without implants or transplans? Thanks to Serdev Sutures Lifting method, we collect buttock’s tissues, lift them and fixate them to a stable, higher position. This means that we achieve the lifting without the use of implants, but by patient’s own tissues projection, using only skin punctures. The procedure does not leave scars, because there is no cutting and excision of skin.

Lifing of the buttocks has the additional effect of legs elongation and achieves a better proportion for the entire body. As our patients evaluate the procedure – we lift the flattened and loose form “into the pockets of the jeans”, and even further – over the pockets.


Serdev Suture Buttock Lift

Butt lift without implants and without scars, using “sutures” (briging tissues closer togheter by sewing), is by far the most popular method of Dr. Nikolay Serdev worldwide. He performs the procedure through a few skin puncture points to stably lift the gluteal fibrosis layers to the Serdev sacro-cutaneous fascia (discovered by Dr. Serdev, and therefore bearing his name). This suture fixation maximally guaranties the longevity of the aesthetic effect. The buttock is lifted, rounded and projected.

We use semi-elastic surgical threads, which do not cause tissue trauma. The result is immediate, with short post-operative recovery. Surgery is done under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. There is no necessity of hospitalisation or nursing care. Patients could even be able to travel by car to the clinic for follow-up and care on the day after surgery.


Fio Bulgaro. Fio Elastico…

Serdev Sutures Lifting methods have gained great popularity, especially in Latin America. Dr. Serdev demostrated them and trained a large number of plastic and cosmetic surgoens during courses and congresses in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and especially – in Brazil. There, his methods became known as Fio Bulgaro and Fio Elastico Bulgaro. One of the many TV episodes with Dr. Serdev on the topic of beautification and rejuvenation with his mentods can be seen here – Brazilian TV series about Fio Bulgaro.


Butt Lift Without Implants and Without Scars

This technique gained worldwide popularity, due to the results of projecting patient’s own tissues and visual legs elongation – all without the need to use implants or transplants and without leaving scars. Back in 1994, this was the only butt lifting technique and it became a hit in Brazil, where the buttocks hold an aesthetic, sensual and sexual meaning. Due to the specific angle position of the tailbone (coccyx) in Afro-Americans, the buttock lifting procedure and the acquired form were called „Brazilian Buttock lift“. However, due to incorrect understanding, surgeons and patients use this term when they opt for augmentation of the buttocks using fat transplants, fillers and implants.

Unfortunately, on its own, augmentation is not a lifting. On the opposite, it leads to unnatural proportions and look of the buttocks, which droops (sags) because of the additional heaviness. Furthermore, drastic augmentations beyond the correct volumes and proportions are not aesthetic.

There are some complications after mass fat injections (which cannot be vascularised to survive) or other implants in big volumes. They are mostly fistulas, leaking and infections in a high percentage. This is why we do not recommend such injections to our patients after lifting their buttocks via Serdev Suture.

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Fat Depots in the Buttocks

In the cases where there is an accumulated fat depot in the buttocks area, we might need to remove it. In our clinic we use VASER for ultrasound liposculpturing.

With quick alteration in pressure, ultrasound selectively targets fat cells, causing them to “implode” and liquefy. This allows us to suck the fatty liquid out, under low pressure. Thus, blood loss and tissue trauma are minimal. Hence, patients can return to work and social life almost immediately. We can remove the fat depots as a standalone procedure or in combination with Serdev Suture buttock lift.

After lifting of the buttocks (and/or in combination with VASER ultrasonic liposculpture), the patient wears elastic garments for a month during hot months, a month and a half in the cold ones.


Patient Testimonial

Tanya B.

“[The day after Serdev Suture buttock lift] With bigger self esteem, I am trying to recuperate faster. I have little pain, but hope it will go away very soon. I did not take painkillers, the pain is much less than I expected and is tolerable. Today I managed to see myself from the back and side for the first time, using a mirror, and to me the effect is breathtaking. My butt is lifted and has entered my jeans’ back pockets.”


Scarless Breast Lift via Serdev Suture

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Scarless Breast Lift

The scarless suture breast lift procedure using Serdev Suture method can achieve a lifting the breasts (more specificly – the nipples) of up to and over 14 cm.  We perform the lifting wihtout cutting and excising skin and therefore we leave no scars. This method has changed the cosmetic surgery world and its application on young patients since 1994. It is also especially important in Asia and Latin America, for Asians, African-Americans, Indians, and others. This is becayuse they form keloids and lumpy scars after operations. Dr. Serdev uses only skin puncture points to perform the procedure, and thus achieves lifting of the breast without scars.


Serdev Sutures Lifting method

The Serdev Suture scarless breast lifting procedure is most suitable in the following cases:

  • not very heavy and full breasts;
  • presence of subpectoral implants with subsequent drooping of the breasts (after childbirth and breastfeeding);
  • empty and loose breasts (after childbirth and breastfeeding) – we lift the breasts and fixate them by stable suture at the level of the pectoral muscle (the normal position in young women), without leaving scars. Then, we place appropriate implats under the muscle to hold them in the desired position. In sagging breasts, surgeons should not place the implants in the skin over the pectoral muscles. Doing so will lead to even more drooping, because of the implants’ heaviness;
  • in drooping (ptotic) breasts, after subglandular augmentation (over the muscle) – in such cases, patients should not wait until the skin elongation becomes visible. The surgeon should remove the implants, along with the capsule with minimal trauma. This ia a difficult, but necessary operation for prevention of post-op seromas and infection. Then we must create a new pocket under the muscle to hold the implants. Lifiting and fixation of the breasts to a higher, suitable level follows. The patient must inform us at what level they want their nipples – in the middle of the implant, higher or lower.

NB!! When replacing breast implants, they must be placed below the muscle. Implants should be smooth and able to move naturally, without irritating or hurting the muscle. Textured implants get blocked under the mucle.


Social Life

Modern anaesthetics and this new atraumatic method lead to minimised postoprative pain and swelling. They are localised at the points of fixation and disappear within 3-4 days. Patients can resume their normal work and social activities even on the day after surgery, in necessary. However, it is preferable to rest for 2-3 days, depending on heaviness. A sports bra is necessary for a month or more, to reduce heaviness and pain at the fixation points, and relieve the healing process.

The Serdev Suture breast lift procedure can be repeated to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the breasts with ageing or for additional higher lift (in cases of significant ptosis). We cannot operate cases of gigantomastia (i.e. very large, very heavy and drooping breasts) in this manner, because of gravity and overskin.

NB!! We warn patients against heavy exercises with the arms and weight lifting for a month and a half after surgery!

Serdev Sutures lifting method is also used for Poland Syndrome and repositioning of breast implants in cases of symmastia and false position. Symmastia is a condition where the breasts or implants appear to merge, leaving no space between them. It can be congenital or as a consequence of breast augmentation.

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Other Surgical Methods

Existing excision methods

Previously existing methods are characterized by unpleasant scars that, despite surgeons promises, remain for life.

Surgeons can use different techniques, which involve different incisions. The choice depends on the amount of breast lifting they need to accomplish:

  • Round block - leading to a flat areola, often unpleasant hypertophic skars, skin rippling;
  • Inverted T (around the areola, vertically down and in the fold under the breast); 
  • Vertical (around the areola and vertically down) - due to the excess skin, incisions often turn into L or inverted T. Rearrangement of sking and glandular tissue, changes the shape of the breasts and results may be different from the expectations. Scars can worry patients and partners.
Breast Lift Vertical Incision

The vertical incision achieves a greater amount of breast lifting, however, it involves an incision that not only surrounds the aereola but also extends vertically onto the lower portion of the breast. Patients who choose this procedure must have good understanding and realistic expectations. They myst be emotionally stable and understand that the effects are not permanent and can differ from expectations.

Breast Lift T-Incision

The T-incision, unfortunately, involves a lot of incisions, which can sometimes be visible outside of the breast. The incisions (and scars) go around the aereola, down the breast and under the breast. The surgeon removes the necessary amount of skin and breast tissue

Healing time may take several weeks. Usually, patients wear a special bra to support the breast for up to three months. The compression bra is an important part of the recovery process. It provides support, comfort and helps minimize the swelling.

Patients who choose this procedure must have good understanding and realistic expectations. They myst be emotionally stable and understand that the effects are not permanent and can differ from expectations.

Excision Mastopexy

This surgery tha involves uplifting of sagging breasts and, in certain cases, repositioning of the nipple and areola in order to restore normality and beauty. The surgeon removes excess skin and provides firmness to the breasts. Though mastopexy can be a stand alone surgery, many people combine it with breast augmentation. Unfortunately though, the effects of mastopexy are not permanent. As a person ages and due to effects of gravity there are chances of further breast drooping.

This breast procedure is best recommended for women who have given birth and are not considering further pregnancies. Patients who do not smoke and have normal body weight are the best candidates for surgery, without many side effects. Patients who choose this procedure must have good understanding and realistic expectations. They myst be emotionally stable and understand that the effects are not permanent and can differ from expectations.

Poland Syndrome. Unilateral Underdevelopment or Absence of Breast Tissue.

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Poland Syndrome. Unilateral Breast Lifting and Augmentation of The Other Breast.

Poland syndrome (also Poland’s syndrome, Poland’s syndactyly, Poland sequence, and Poland’s anomaly) is a rare birth defect. It is characterised by absence of breast tissue in one breast, absence or underdevelopment of the chest muscle (pectoralis). Sometimes, but not always, webbing of the fingers (cutaneous syndactyly) of the hand on the same side can be present. The syndrome is mostly common on the right side of body and found more in males than females. It is usually considered a unilateral condition.

The adjustment in cases of Poland Syndrome is difficult, but the suture lifts created by Dr. Nikolay Serdev allow us to perform it without incisions and without scars. We lift the ptotic breast to the level of pectoral muscle and place an appropriate implant under the muscle of the underdeveloped breast. Thus we balance the volume and level of both breasts, as well as the level of both areolas.

The lifting of the developed breast is a mini-invasive and atraumatic procedure, done under local anaesthesia. Postoperative recovery is fast. The few skin punctures on the breast heal within 1-3 days. When the developed breast is large, we may remove skin and tissue from it.


Abdominal Flaccidity Tightening via Serdev Suture

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Flaccidity of the abdominal skin may occur as a consequence of weight-loss, as well as after pregnancy. Cases of mild flaccidity can be treated using Serdev Sutures lifting method.


Abdominal Flaccidity Tightening

Thanks to Dr. Serdev’s method, we can correct mild flaccidity of the abdomen and around the navel. There are no incisions or excisions of skin and therefore – no scars! In contrast to classic abdominoplasty, we only need a few skin puncture points to carry out the procedure.

The technique is mini-invasive, with minimal trauma, done under local anaesthesia. The postoperative recovery is short and patients can perform their daily duties without interruption.

Abdominal wall tissue lifting leads to aesthetic changes and results. This means that we turn the “sad navel” into a normal looking, “happy navel”. With a few manipulations, wrinkled and loose skin can become so acceptable that patients can wear their belly open over the summer. Thinner women, with less subdermal tissue, are more suitable for this method. The presence of larger amount of subdermal tissue with bigger flaccidity, including sagging in the lower part of the abdomen, requires surgical abdominoplasty.

In case that fatty deposits are present in the area and weigh in the skin, ultrasonic liposculpture of the belly is performed first. This gives an additional skin tightening effect.

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Inner Thigh Lift via Serdev Suture

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Lifting of the thighs, more specifically inner thigh lifting, is necessary in cases where there is sagging of skin. In our clinic, we use the Serdev Suture Lifting method to perform this procedure without leaving scars.


Inner thigh lift without scars

This lifting method is important for young women, due to the lack of scars. However, it is mostly done in elderly patients, due to changes in weight, elongation of skin, etc. The procedure gives a great result not only in the first and second youth, but also in the third age in non-obese women. Serdev Sutures method for inner thigh lifting is atraumatic and mini-invasive, with short post-op recovery. There is no skin cutting, only punctures and therefore, there are no scars.

We perform the thigh lifting procedure under local anaesthesia, combined with IV sedation. Trauma is minimal and there is no downtime, hospitalization is not necessary. The skin punctures heal within 1-3 days.

When fatty deposits are present in the thigh area, we first perform VASER ultrasonic liposculpturing, prior to the lifting.


inner thigh lift

Inner thigh lift without scars using Serdev Suture Lifting method.

Brow Lift Without Scars

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brow lift is necessary in these cases, when the facial angles are facing down. The procedure aims to restore the eyes’ upward angles and youthful expression. In order to create the correct aesthetic proportions and angles without scarring, we use the Serdev Sutures method. This atraumatic procedure has a double effect. In addition to the eyebrows, it also raises the angle of the eyes and works as a local lift on the cheekbone skin. In addition, an effective brow lift stretches the upper eyelids and thus delays the need for blepharoplasty in older patients for years.


Brow Lift Without Scars

We perform the Serdev Suture eyebrow lifting only through 2 hidden skin punctures points, which allow for the specially designed instruments to enter and exit the skin. Fixating selected tissues and structures is done below the skin. We lift the brow fascia (Serdev fascia) and stably fix it to the periosteum at a higher level. This ensures the longevity of the aesthetic result. There are no incisions and therefore – no scars, no bleeding, no recovery adhesion. The skin puncture points disappear within 1-3 days. There is no downtime, return to social life is immediate or within 2-3 days, depending on the person.

Please note that the ageing process cannot be stopped! After a brow lift, ageing continues, but from the new, higher and more youthful position.

We do not practice classical and endoscopic methods in our clinic, due to their traumatic and scarring nature, as well as long recovery period. They are also indirect, have insufficient effect and leave scars. These methods don’t give such satisfying results like the direct transcutaneous Serdev Suture® technique.


Patient Testimonial about scarless Serdev Suture brow lift – Petya A.

“After the operation I feel really comfortable. I can’t believe it!”Video



Why is the scarless brow lift important?

When communicating, we look each other in the eyes. A beautiful, youthful expression is one, where the angles of the face are pointing up. They express a joyful, fresh radiation – “mask of comedy”. When angles are pointing down, the face looks tired and sad – “mask of tragedy”.

With age, brows and upper lid skin drop below the eye line and wrinkles appear on the forehead. These make a person look angry, sad and constantly tired. Brow lifting is most popular among young patients and models. However, it is also popular among patients aged 40-60, where it can be combined with additional facelifts or an eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty can be done simultaneously or a long time after lifting of the eyebrows.

The science of aesthetics remains eternal. It is fashionable that eyebrows rise upward and sideways, so as to reach a height of at least 1 cm above the upper edge of the orbit. In the world of fashion, the hight is 1.5 cm.

Besides rejuvenation, this method helps us to achieve beautification. Many young people also seem serious and tired. This is due to the low lateral position of their eyebrows. Such position may be congenital or acquired. The atraumatic nature of Serdev Sutures Lifts, the lack of scars and prompt return to social life make this method very suitable for young people.


Serdev Suture Brow Lift – Shop The World for Beauty Secrets TV Series


Cheekbone Lift and Volume Creation

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Cheekbone Lift and Volume Creation Without Implants

By using Serdev Suture Lifting method, we can effectively achieve a cheekbone lift and in the same time create the necessary volume, without the use of implants or transplants. Thus, we also treat the nasolabial and tear trough folds. Dr. Serdev performs the cheekbone lift through skin punctures only. Therefore, there is no cutting of skin and most importantly – no scars! The punctures disappear within 1-2 days. TV stars use such rejuvenation to appear on screen next day.

Wrongly, many physicians try to fill the nasolabial folds in order to create volume. Thus, they add heaviness, which leaves the skin stretched after the fillers’ absorption. The correct approach for cheekbone enhancement is to lift the soft tissue back to its normal position at the zygomatic bone, restore cheekbone fullness, create the necessary volume – medially or laterally – and thus elevate the cheekbone. In this way, we eliminate the tear trough and nasolabial folds and improve the facial expression. Additionally, we achieve a youthful elongation of the “beauty triangle”, which is responsible for the beauty of the lower face.

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Cheekbone Enhancement and the “Beauty Triangle”

Cheekbones are relevant to nearly all aesthetic norms. Unfortunately, pronounced, high, and youthful cheekbones are rare.

The chin and cheekbones create the so called “beauty triangle”. Asian cheekbones are pronounced laterally but are flat in front. Vice versa – in Caucasians cheekbones are often more pronounced at the front, but quickly drop. They are almost absent in elderly.

Bichat’s fat pad (Corpus adiposum buccae) is of great significance in facial and cheekbone contouring. Often, after our 30s, the fat pads lose connection to the zygomatic bone and droop in, creating the tear troughs. Moreover, they hang over the nasolabial folds, making the latter deeper and more visible. This is why lifting the cheekbones back in their place is more aesthetic than filling the deep folds, which makes the face look obese and round. The Serdev Suture cheekbone lift without scars and without implants can easily restore the “Beauty Triangle”.


Chin Lift Without Implants. Enhancement and Form Correction via Serdev Suture®.

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Chin Lift Without Implant

Chin enhancemet or chin lift without implant is one of the most popular suture lifting techniques, created by Prof. Dr. Nikolay Serdev. For this ambulatory procedure, Dr. Serdev uses only two skin punctures, in the supra- and submental folds. Using special needle instruments, he collects the whole available chin soft tissue, moves it to the correct position, and fixates it to the bone. The chin correction includes projecting one’s own tissues forward, but in cases of deformities, they can be moved up, down, left and right. Patients most often seek this procedure in cases of small chin (microgenia and retrogenia) and age-related ptosis (witch chin), other deformities, as well as unsuccessful placement and removal of implants.

The aim of Serdev Suture chin lift is to position the chin in the central axis of the face, create the appropriate volume and correct facial proportions, without the use of implants.

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The entire procedure takes a few minutes. There are no incisions and we do not use dermal closure or bandages. Patients should perform facial washing on the following day. The skin puncture in the supra-mental fold may have a microscopic crust for 1-2 days and patients can cover it with make up. The early post-op period swelling is almost invisible. Patients can resume their social life as soon as they wish.

The suture chin lift results are durable and have a big price advantage over short-term injectables. Patients prefer it to the alternative methods of using foreign bodies (implants) or even transplants, which requires incisions, wearing bandages and involves swellings, as well as possibilities of displacement and infection.


Chin Enhancement and Position Correction

We use this method not only to lift the sagging chin, but also for chin enhancement and position correction. We can move it to the side, as well as up or down. Such cases are for example facial deformities and cleft lip. As a result, we achieve correct volumes, angles and proportions.

We can also create a chin dimple as an addition to the chin lift, or as a separate procedure.

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Disharmony and Proportions

Profile deficiencies are due to congenital, traumatic and ageing factors, with different degree of deformity. Loss of volume or a genetically small mandible affect the aesthetics and expression of the mouth, chin, and neck. Disharmony between the skeletal support and the soft tissue envelope is a common cause of aesthetic concerns.

The chin is an important feature of the face. It is part of the noble profile (which is a straight line), as well as the “beauty triangle” – expressed chin and cheekbones. When we smile, we enhance the triangle and the face looks more beautiful. The chin plays an important role for defining facial aesthetic proportions. The lower part of the face should be divided into 3 parts – one part for the upper lip and two parts for the lower lip and chin (1:2 proportion). Together, they form 1/3 of the face (golden ratio).

Dr. Serdev’s suture technique positions the chin on the line of the profile and restores the beauty triangle, aesthetic proportions, angles and volumes of the face.


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