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Mid-face SMAS Lift via Serdev Suture. No Visible Scars

Transcutaneous SMAS Mid-face lift via Serdev Sutures

The SMAS mid-face lift elevates and stretches the middle and lower parts of the face, as well as the neck. Also, it stretches the cheeks, nasolabial and marionette folds, highlights the so called “hungry cheeks” and restores the youthful jawline. We lift and stably fixate the SMAS only through skin puncture points, using the Serdev Sutures Lifting method.

The SMAS mid-face suture lift is one of the internationally most successful and popular methods of Prof. Dr. Nikolay Serdev. It is most popular among middle aged and elderly patients. However, due to the lack of scars, we also often perform this procedure in younger patients, mostly models, for tightening the initial sagging and asymmetry of SMAS and skin in middle and lower face and neck.

Ultrasound assisted liposculpture may be necessary in cases of fat deposits in the face. The goal is to suck out and remove the fatty deposits on the cheeks, causing the so called “bulldog” appearance. The procedure also tightens the skin on the lower jawline.

Serdev Suture Lifts are the most modern cosmetic surgery SMAS facelifts. Dr. Serdev needs only a few skin puncture points to lift any area of the face. Even the more central zones, unreachable for classic open approach lifting methods, are successfully treated. We achieve this without skin incisions or excisions and therefore there are no scars. In addition, the skin is not separated from its underlying support. Hospitalization and nursing are not necessary. The postoperative recovery is short and does not affect patient’s ability to return to their daily duties.

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What is SMAS?

Back in 1972, surgeons demonstrated that after classic open approach face liftings, the skin is not stable and elongates in minutes. Since then, lifting of the Superficial Muscle-Aponeurotic System of the face (SMAS) became the obligatory method for surgical face lift (including mid-face lift), in order to maintain a long lasting result.

The skin and soft tissue do not drop easily, thanks to their strong fixation to the SMAS. Therefore, if we separate the skin from the SMAS, it will lose its stable support. As a result, a subsequent SMAS lift will not be able to pull and lift the skin. The consequences of separating the skin from the SMAS are a mask-like stretched appearance, changed hairline position behind the ears etc. Naturally, we strongly oppose such approach.


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