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Brow Lift Without Scars

brow lift is necessary in these cases, when the facial angles are facing down. The procedure aims to restore the eyes’ upward angles and youthful expression. In order to create the correct aesthetic proportions and angles without scarring, we use the Serdev Sutures method. This atraumatic procedure has a double effect. In addition to the eyebrows, it also raises the angle of the eyes and works as a local lift on the cheekbone skin. In addition, an effective brow lift stretches the upper eyelids and thus delays the need for blepharoplasty in older patients for years.


Brow Lift Without Scars

We perform the Serdev Suture eyebrow lifting only through 2 hidden skin punctures points, which allow for the specially designed instruments to enter and exit the skin. Fixating selected tissues and structures is done below the skin. We lift the brow fascia (Serdev fascia) and stably fix it to the periosteum at a higher level. This ensures the longevity of the aesthetic result. There are no incisions and therefore – no scars, no bleeding, no recovery adhesion. The skin puncture points disappear within 1-3 days. There is no downtime, return to social life is immediate or within 2-3 days, depending on the person.

Please note that the ageing process cannot be stopped! After a brow lift, ageing continues, but from the new, higher and more youthful position.

We do not practice classical and endoscopic methods in our clinic, due to their traumatic and scarring nature, as well as long recovery period. They are also indirect, have insufficient effect and leave scars. These methods don’t give such satisfying results like the direct transcutaneous Serdev Suture® technique.


Patient Testimonial about scarless Serdev Suture brow lift – Petya A.

“After the operation I feel really comfortable. I can’t believe it!”Video



Why is the scarless brow lift important?

When communicating, we look each other in the eyes. A beautiful, youthful expression is one, where the angles of the face are pointing up. They express a joyful, fresh radiation – “mask of comedy”. When angles are pointing down, the face looks tired and sad – “mask of tragedy”.

With age, brows and upper lid skin drop below the eye line and wrinkles appear on the forehead. These make a person look angry, sad and constantly tired. Brow lifting is most popular among young patients and models. However, it is also popular among patients aged 40-60, where it can be combined with additional facelifts or an eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty can be done simultaneously or a long time after lifting of the eyebrows.

The science of aesthetics remains eternal. It is fashionable that eyebrows rise upward and sideways, so as to reach a height of at least 1 cm above the upper edge of the orbit. In the world of fashion, the hight is 1.5 cm.

Besides rejuvenation, this method helps us to achieve beautification. Many young people also seem serious and tired. This is due to the low lateral position of their eyebrows. Such position may be congenital or acquired. The atraumatic nature of Serdev Sutures Lifts, the lack of scars and prompt return to social life make this method very suitable for young people.


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