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Nasal Tip Correction (Shortening and Narrowing)

The nose is positioned in the middle of the face and the aesthetics of proportions essentially depend on it. In at least half of all cases there is no hump and only have to correct the tip of the nose. The correction consists of narrowing the tip, shortening (reducing the length of the nose), and projecting it.


Shortening the Nose (reducing the length of the nose)

One of the procedures for aesthetic correction of the tip of the nose is its shortening. There are two variations of this procedure, both of them created, described and published by Dr. Serdev. They are mini-invasive, atraumatic, without blood loss, without casts and intranasal packings. Due to the lack of scars from surgery, patients can return to work and social life on the day after surgery. Alternatively, they can rest for 1-2 days.

  1. T-Excision at the tip: this is an ambulatory, bloodless procedure. Skin-color tape (as the one used when we remove the hump) and intranasal packings are not necessary. There is no bruising. Since we do the procedure using a closed approach and do not open the nose, the postoperative recovery is fast and the swelling is not noticeable. There is no post-op pain except by touch. During the first hours after surgery, there is a slight dripping from the nose, which patients only  need to clean gently. We remove the formed crust during the follow-up session on the day after surgery. Breathing is undisturbed, there is no visible scarring and bruising. Patients are free to return to their daily lives without an “operated on” appearance.
  2. Suturing the cartilages to the nasal bones, which shortens the nose. It is done using Serdev Sutures method. This method has received worldwide recognition and is being applied worldwide as a mini-invasive and atraumatic technique, without cuts and bleeding. Patients’ return to their daily routines is almost immediate. To our patients, this is better alternative to classical methods. Classic rhinoplasty, especially when opening the nose, reversing the skin with invasive corrections leads to a long postoperative period and long lasting swellings. Results come late and complications are common.


Projecting the Tip of the Nose (Columella Sliding)

Nasal tip projection, according to aesthetics, should be approximately 30o to the facial profile line. In some cases, this angle is larger and the tip protrudes, while in others it is smaller and the nose is low. Both cases present a small deviation from aesthetics. To correct the projections, we apply the columella sliding technique.

This is a nasal tip correction method, created by Dr. Serdev. It is a simplified technique for fixation of the skin-cartilaginous part of the columella to the septum (the stable cartilage, which divides the two halves of the nose and provides stability to the tip). We can slide the columella up or down to adjust the projection of the tip. In this way, we achieve the aesthetic angle of the nose to the profile line, described above. We do not use implants or transplants. During the follow-up session on the day after surgery, we clean the nose to remove crusts. Patients can immediately resume their social activities.

The intervention is mini-invasive, atraumatic and bloodless. There are no visible signs of surgery and no hospitalisation.


Narrowing the Tip of the Nose

This is a suturing (sewing) procedure, which tightens and narrows the cartilage on the tip of the nose. For this purpose we either pass through the mucosa or through needle punctures of the skin (no scars remain in either approach). Like with every injection, puncture traces disappear within 1-2 days. Because we do not open the nose, the procedure for narrowing the nose tip is bloodless and traumatic. There are no plasters or intranasal tamponade. As with all other Serdev techniques, patients can be socially active immediately after their rhinoplasty.


All nasal tip correction procedures – shortening, projection, or narrowing can be performed independently (in the absence of a hump) or in combination with other Serdev rhinoplasty techniques or as parts of complete rhinoplasty. Thanks to the atraumatic nature  of  these methods, they may be combined with different scarless Serdev Suture lifts or ultrasonic liposculpture of the face.


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