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Fat Transfer

Fat transfer (also known as lipotransfer and fat grafting) means replenishing the contour of the face and body as well as defects and irregularities, using patient’s own fat tissue.

Most of the injected fat cells have no contact with surrounding tissues. Many of them die and are resorbed due to lack of vascularization. It’s proven that only up to 30% of the injected fat cells are successfully supplied with blood, stabilize, and survive. Therefore, it may be necessary to do multiple fat transfers until a satisfactory final effect is present. The procedure is combined with liposculpture to gather material, as well as shape other areas of the body.

Filling the face with fat tissue for rejuvenation (in elderly patients) is not particularly aesthetic due to irregularities and heaviness. Nonetheless, it may be satisfactory, depending on age .

We do not inject adipose tissue in the lips due to the presence of better methods.

Depending on ethnicity, in some countries like Brazil, surgeons also use fat transfer to puff up labia majora or to augment the buttocks. These are ethnic aesthetics. However, the late results in excessive fat transfer are fistulas, infections, leakage of necrotizied fat tissue etc.

Fat tissue can also be injected into the breast. However, the method is controversial and did not gain vast popularity because of the death of  nonvascularised fat cells. In larger quantities, it may be necessary to drain the fatty liquid at a later stage.

We use lipotransfer in cases where we have to fill in defects (as in the picture of face asymmetry below) or to fill the inside of O-shaped calves (as in the following pictures).


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