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Overall Face Beautification Without Scars

Many of us dream of changing something in our face – some do not like their nose or lips, others want  to completely transform the way they look. There is nothing wrong with striving for beauty and perfection, if a change would make us happier and complete, and would raise our confidence. We can achieve an overall face beautification without scars, in accordance with patients’ needs.

Sometimes, however, patients have requests which are unnecessary and/or will not help in getting the required result. We always conduct a discussion and realistic assessment, regarding what is needed for beautification and rejuvenation in the specific case. Patients must have proper motivation and be certain in their wish to undergo these changes.


What defines the beauty of the face?

We achieve beautification of the face by arranging facial details in accordance with aesthetic proportions, angles, and volumes while in the same time maintaining individuality. Imagine your room tidy and then imagine it disorderly. It is surely more beautiful when it has structure and an individual character.

The complex face is properly divided into three equal parts: forehead, nose, and lower part (where the upper lip forms a ratio 1:2 to the lower lip and chin). The noble profile forms a straight line. The size and shape of the nose are also very important – it must be straight, with an angle of 90 degrees at the tip and 110 degrees to the upper lip.

The volume of the lips must conform to the volume of the eyes and eyebrows. Both eyes and eyebrows must have a higher angle laterally. Eyebrow’s tail should be 1-1.5cm above the upper orbital rim and usually end a bit to the side from the lateral canthus of the eye. Beautiful cheekbones are slightly higher than the mid-face line and form hollow, “hungry cheeks“. The cheeks and chin shape an expressed “triangle of beauty“. We emphasize it when we smile for a photograph.

Ears are properly situated with an angle of 30 degrees or less to the face oval.

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Serdev Suture Lifts for Face Beautification

The Scarless Serdev Suture Lifts help us in the overall face beautification, by restoring perfect proportions, volumes and angles. These methods are particularly important in young people, because of their atraumatic nature, lack of scars and durability of the aesthetic result. This makes them superior to other methods. Patients return to social life within 1-2 days. The suture methods of Dr. Nikolay Serdev can lift tissues, as well as create volume in places where it lacks. Furthermore, we can use them to correct the tissues position in cases of deformities.

The results are stable because we stably fixate (suture) mobile tissues to immobile periosteum or fascia. Of course, the ageing process cannot be stopped. However, after surgery it will continue from the new, rejuvenated and beautified position.


Vaser Lipo

VASER ultrasonic liposculpturing of double chin and cheeks is also is also in our arsenal for beautifying the face and can be added at different stages.


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