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Scarless Breast Lift via Serdev Suture

Scarless Breast Lift

The scarless suture breast lift procedure using Serdev Suture method can achieve a lifting the breasts (more specificly – the nipples) of up to and over 14 cm.  We perform the lifting wihtout cutting and excising skin and therefore we leave no scars. This method has changed the cosmetic surgery world and its application on young patients since 1994. It is also especially important in Asia and Latin America, for Asians, African-Americans, Indians, and others. This is becayuse they form keloids and lumpy scars after operations. Dr. Serdev uses only skin puncture points to perform the procedure, and thus achieves lifting of the breast without scars.


Serdev Sutures Lifting method

The Serdev Suture scarless breast lifting procedure is most suitable in the following cases:

  • not very heavy and full breasts;
  • presence of subpectoral implants with subsequent drooping of the breasts (after childbirth and breastfeeding);
  • empty and loose breasts (after childbirth and breastfeeding) – we lift the breasts and fixate them by stable suture at the level of the pectoral muscle (the normal position in young women), without leaving scars. Then, we place appropriate implats under the muscle to hold them in the desired position. In sagging breasts, surgeons should not place the implants in the skin over the pectoral muscles. Doing so will lead to even more drooping, because of the implants’ heaviness;
  • in drooping (ptotic) breasts, after subglandular augmentation (over the muscle) – in such cases, patients should not wait until the skin elongation becomes visible. The surgeon should remove the implants, along with the capsule with minimal trauma. This ia a difficult, but necessary operation for prevention of post-op seromas and infection. Then we must create a new pocket under the muscle to hold the implants. Lifiting and fixation of the breasts to a higher, suitable level follows. The patient must inform us at what level they want their nipples – in the middle of the implant, higher or lower.

NB!! When replacing breast implants, they must be placed below the muscle. Implants should be smooth and able to move naturally, without irritating or hurting the muscle. Textured implants get blocked under the mucle.


Social Life

Modern anaesthetics and this new atraumatic method lead to minimised postoprative pain and swelling. They are localised at the points of fixation and disappear within 3-4 days. Patients can resume their normal work and social activities even on the day after surgery, in necessary. However, it is preferable to rest for 2-3 days, depending on heaviness. A sports bra is necessary for a month or more, to reduce heaviness and pain at the fixation points, and relieve the healing process.

The Serdev Suture breast lift procedure can be repeated to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the breasts with ageing or for additional higher lift (in cases of significant ptosis). We cannot operate cases of gigantomastia (i.e. very large, very heavy and drooping breasts) in this manner, because of gravity and overskin.

NB!! We warn patients against heavy exercises with the arms and weight lifting for a month and a half after surgery!

Serdev Sutures lifting method is also used for Poland Syndrome and repositioning of breast implants in cases of symmastia and false position. Symmastia is a condition where the breasts or implants appear to merge, leaving no space between them. It can be congenital or as a consequence of breast augmentation.

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Other Surgical Methods

Existing excision methods

Previously existing methods are characterized by unpleasant scars that, despite surgeons promises, remain for life.

Surgeons can use different techniques, which involve different incisions. The choice depends on the amount of breast lifting they need to accomplish:

  • Round block - leading to a flat areola, often unpleasant hypertophic skars, skin rippling;
  • Inverted T (around the areola, vertically down and in the fold under the breast); 
  • Vertical (around the areola and vertically down) - due to the excess skin, incisions often turn into L or inverted T. Rearrangement of sking and glandular tissue, changes the shape of the breasts and results may be different from the expectations. Scars can worry patients and partners.
Breast Lift Vertical Incision

The vertical incision achieves a greater amount of breast lifting, however, it involves an incision that not only surrounds the aereola but also extends vertically onto the lower portion of the breast. Patients who choose this procedure must have good understanding and realistic expectations. They myst be emotionally stable and understand that the effects are not permanent and can differ from expectations.

Breast Lift T-Incision

The T-incision, unfortunately, involves a lot of incisions, which can sometimes be visible outside of the breast. The incisions (and scars) go around the aereola, down the breast and under the breast. The surgeon removes the necessary amount of skin and breast tissue

Healing time may take several weeks. Usually, patients wear a special bra to support the breast for up to three months. The compression bra is an important part of the recovery process. It provides support, comfort and helps minimize the swelling.

Patients who choose this procedure must have good understanding and realistic expectations. They myst be emotionally stable and understand that the effects are not permanent and can differ from expectations.

Excision Mastopexy

This surgery tha involves uplifting of sagging breasts and, in certain cases, repositioning of the nipple and areola in order to restore normality and beauty. The surgeon removes excess skin and provides firmness to the breasts. Though mastopexy can be a stand alone surgery, many people combine it with breast augmentation. Unfortunately though, the effects of mastopexy are not permanent. As a person ages and due to effects of gravity there are chances of further breast drooping.

This breast procedure is best recommended for women who have given birth and are not considering further pregnancies. Patients who do not smoke and have normal body weight are the best candidates for surgery, without many side effects. Patients who choose this procedure must have good understanding and realistic expectations. They myst be emotionally stable and understand that the effects are not permanent and can differ from expectations.

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