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Nostrils Narrowing

Thanks to Dr Serdev’s author’s techniques in rhinoplasty, we can do non-invasive and atraumatic nostrils narrowing without scars. The nose sits in the middle of the face and aesthetics proportions largely depend on it. Therefore, when narrowing the nostrils we have to take into account the aesthetic 30 degrees deviation of each nostril from the center line. It is important that the correction des not interfere with breathing, because the function of the nose is more important than its shape.

There is also a method for narrowing the nostrils, where the surgeon has to cut off a part of the nostrils. This is an invasive approach and more or less visible scars may remain. This is why we do not recommend this approach and practice it only in select special cases. In addition, cutting the nostrils requires more healing time.

When using Dr. Serdev’s suturing technique, there is no downtime and no visible scars remain. Patients can immediately resume their daily routines.

The procedure for narrowing the nostrils can be done as a standalone procedure, in combination with other Serdev Techniques for Atraumatic Nose Correction or with complete rhinoplasty. For the purpose of beautification and thanks to the atraumatic nature of the methodology, rhinoplasty can also (if necessary) be combined with different liftings using scarless Serdev Sutures methods  or VASER ultrasonic liposculpture on face and body.


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