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Buttock Lift By VASER Ultrasonic Liposculpture

We perform buttocks liposuction in cases when we have to remove the accumulated fat depots below the gluteal muscle, around the thighs and hips. In out clinic, we use the VASER lipo method. Besides effectively getting rid of the fat deposits, it helps us achieve a visual butt lift effect.

VASER Ultrasound Assisted Liposculpture (UAL) allows us to sculpt the buttocks with precision.  It is a form of liposuction, where ultrasound waves target fat cells in order to liquefy them, without harming adjacent tissues. In this way, the liquefied fat tissue is sucked out under low pressure without trauma and without blood loss. Fat cells cannot reappear in the same places again, because UAL destroys them.

You can read a detailed description of VASER ultrasound liposculpturing and comparison with other liposuction methods here.


UAL Buttock Lift Effect

The buttock liposculpture procedure has an immediately visible effect of lifting the infragluteal fold, legs are elongated and there is a change of body proportions. As a result, we achieve a buttock lift via ultrasound liposculpture.

Buttock lipo with lifting effect

After lipo on the left side. Visible lifting of the left infragluteal fold!

This procedure can be a standalone operation, done in advance of scarless Serdev Suture Buttock Lift, or simultaneously, when we have to reduce fat and heaviness of the butt. The atraumatic nature of VASER UAL also makes possible to combine the procedure with fat removal from other areas of the face and body, depending on patient characteristics. We can also add various liftings using scarless Serdev Sutures Lifting method.


After the Buttock Liposculpturing Procedure

After the procedure, we prescribe antibiotics for 5-7 days and painkillers for the first night (and after, if necessary). We do daily follow-up sessions in the first 3-5 days. These sessions include showering, disinfection, bandaging and change of elastic garments.

During the days in the early post-op period, most important is the follow up for fluid retention or collection, until the organism takes in the resorption. In this way, we prevent formation of painful seroma and infection at a later stage. Patients wear elastic garments 24/7 for a month and a half. Of course, during this time, they are free to resume their normal daily activities.

The immediate result shows much better form of the body and extremities, even when initial swelling is present. Swelling will gradually diminish within the next 3 months. The final result becomes better and better with reduction of the swelling.

NB! Massages on the treated areas are strictly forbidden! This is because skin movement can break the newly formed capillaries! As a resutlt, there will be growing of edema, extension of the recovery period and loosening of skin fixation.


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